Birthday Parties

Booking information

£160.00 / group per session

Up to 1 group
Groups of: 1 party group


Have your party on the farm!

Our Front Room holds up to 25 children with adults - If you'd like to see the room you can come by the farm any time and a staff member will show you around and answer any other questions you might have.


On Saturday’s and Sunday’s we have two available bookings, morning 10 till 12 [get in from 9.15 get out until 12.45) and afternoon 2 till 4 [get in 1.15, get out until 4:45 ]

You are responsible for all your own preparations including decorations and must make sure the room is left tidy. We have a kitchen that can be used for heating and cooling, but we ask that you bring anything you need for food prep or service. Please note the kitchen is shared with staff, volunteers and other groups.

Your guests are welcome to look around the farm, but children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If the children come out onto the farm in the middle of the party, please make sure they wash their hands before eating.

Where is it?

Kentish Town City Farm

Where it's happening:

Kentish Town City Farm