Thames21 & Drinkable Rivers Celebration

Source: Drinkable Rivers

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Up to 80 people


Thames21 and Drinkable Rivers are hosting a free event at the River & Rowing Museum to:

  • Celebrate the work of Thames21's dedicated teams of citizen scientists and their bathing water quality sampling
  • Screen Drinkable Rivers' film 'Long Walk for Drinkable Rivers'
  • Learn about the history of the River & Rowing Museum's relationship to the river
  • Host a Q&A panel and discussion
  • Monitor a stretch of the river Thames outside the museum

Teas and coffees will be provided, and a cafe and toilets are onsite.

Please wear suitable footwear if you would like to take part in the water monitoring session

For more information please contact Aggie Hodges at

Putting Healthy Rivers at the Heart of the Community | Thames21

Drinkable Rivers

River and Rowing Museum Foundation - Chapel & York Foundation, Inc.

The Reclaim our Rivers Project is kindly funded by Garfield Weston Foundation and The Fishmongers’ Company, with sampling services provided by Thames Water.

Where is it?

River & Rowing Museum


Where it's happening:

River & Rowing Museum